In the summer of 2012 Sven Wollter made his debut as play wright with the play “Flykten till Ravundbergen” (Escape to the Ravund Mountains).

The play is based on well known stories and legends dating back as far as the Bible. The play tells the exciting story of the servant girl Lena who flees together with a child she has rescued from soldiers in a wartorn Jämtland during a period when Norway and Sweden fought over the land. With much music, song and humour the play sets emotions alight in the heartland of Jämtland, Ragunda Valley.

– “The nature and landscape with its blue mountains and unique valley really heightened the theatrical experience, framing the story and creating the type of drama which is impossible to create on an indoor-stage.” says director Karl Seldahl.

The play premiered Midsummer’s eve 2012.
Script: Sven Wollter, Director: Karl Seldahl
Cast: Kim Anderzon, Ingmar Virta, Yngve Dahlberg,
Kajsa Linderholm, Anders Öhrström, Anders Tolergård, Karin de Frumerie together with Ragunda Amatörteatersällskap.

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