Important to remember when visiting nature reserve Döda Fallet

Within the reserve it is prohibited to:

  1. camp
  2. ride
  3. bring unleashed dogs or other untethered pets in the area
  4. use a radio or tape recorder with loud noise or in any other disturbing way
  5. put up boards, banners, posters, signs etc.
  6. make fire
  7. dig up or pick live or dead plants
  8. arrange orientation competitions
  9. pick stones.

Different rules apply if you want to conduct any kind of business in the area, see the current
Reserve decision for complete regulations. There may also be other laws to take into account,
for example, the Reindeer Husbandry Act.

Order Regulations pursuant to Chapter 7. 30 § Environmental Code concerning the right to move and reside
and if the scheme otherwise within the nature reserve.

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