National Nature Reserves  were established all over Sweden to protect some of our most important habitats, species and geology, and to provide ‘outdoor laboratories’ for research.
Naturvårdsverket (Swedish Nature Reserve Board) welcomes all visitors to the reserves they manage, which are free to enter.

Fees and entrance
Döda fallets nature reserve  offer great opportunities to visitors, schools, specialist interest groups to experience wildlife and to learn more about nature conservation, which are free to enter. If you would like to support our area, we would be grateful for donations of any amount wich you can place at collection points at the parking area or in the restaurant.

Discover the region’s unique nature with a guide
Starting our walk on the historic seabottom path, we will reach the wilderness by foot and find out the history “why there is no waterfall” and about the special nature that comes from Sweden’s largest natural disaster Döda Fallet.

Guided tours (minimum of 10 people in each group) can be booked, contact Ragundadalen for more information


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