Döda Fallet is one of the protected areas where the County Board is working to adapt some of the area’s outdoor facilities for visitors with different types of disabilities. In the area there are many structures with the following accessibility modifications for the disabled:

Two parking spaces are intended and marked for disabled people.

Footpath / wooden railings
From the parking area leads a gravel path down to the drained river canyon. The path is fairly steep and can be demanding with gradients up to 16%. Down in the canyon there is a wooden platform easily accessible from the trail. There are railings and wooden steps that lead through the canyon and provides a good overview of the area. The ramp is at its narrowest is 98 cm wide with handrails on both sides along the entire route. Some portions of the ramp are fairly steep with gradients of around 13 -14%.

Several venues with seating are placed along the ramp. The ramp stretches to the south side of the canyon where a picnic area with tables and benches are provided. In total, the ramp is approximately 400 meters long and up the gravel path about 200 meters long each way.

The County Administrative Board of Jämtland

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