Mid nordic culture award 2014

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Den 25 september mottog Ragundadalen Världsarv AB Mittnordiska kulturpriset i Finland
The mid nordic culture award 2014 of 30 000 SEK with the theme World, – Cultural and industrial heritage is provided to Världsarv Ragundadalen AB, Döda Fallet Världsarv, The Dead Falls World Heritage, County of Jamtland, Sweden

The cooperation of the Dead Falls World Heritage is a different and so far untested way to promote a possible world heritage. Jamtli, the regional museum, Ragunda municipality, Ragunda destination company and Ragunda local history society cooperate to run tourism business and a process for nominating the Dead Falls as a world heritage. The partnership also aims to create cultural touristic experiences and lasting value to the district.

The Dead Falls is one of Jamtland´s most visited tourist destinations with an outdoor theater with Sweden´s only revolving seating. In action to being a purely natural- and cultural heritage, THe Dead Falls, fomer Grand Rapids and Lake Ragunda, also represents the encounter between man and nature and the optimism progress of the 18th century with the belief in man´s ability to tame nature. The result was that the entire Lake Ragunda was emptied and disappeared in a few hours and the Grand Rapids dried out and became The Dead Falls.

The Mid Nordic Culture Prize is a recognition and celebration of the process to nominate The Dead Falls to the UNESCO World Heritage List, and to make visible a unique place in the middle of the Mid Nordic Area.

For the Mid Nordic Committé

Knut Wik, Chair of the Culutre Group
Kristin Eriksson, Director, Mid Nordic Committe